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BANCOVA Clinical SAS 现在招生 2016

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BANCOVA Clinical SAS 现在招生 2016
by John Zhang - Thursday, 28 April 2016, 12:06 PM

To celebrate 10 years service of Bancova and to meet the needs of many 
people's requests, Bancova will have its' summary class from June to August.

Objectives: to train students with master of Ph.D in statistics with the 
knowledge and skills needed in the pharmaceutical settings, as clinical SAS 
programmer, SDTM SAS programmer, or biostatisticians.

Successful students will be able to work in the pharmaceutical settings with
minimum training from their supervisors and thereful can easily adopt 
themselves in the industry environments.

Training Modules:

1) SAS programming in the pharmaceutical industry (2 months)
2) SAP writing (4 weeks)
3) SDTM programming (4 weeks)
4) ADaM specs and programming (4 weeks)

Training Formats:
1) On site (in office): limit of 4, must live in New Jersey or NYC or close 
2) On line : limit of 10

Job Opportunities:
There is no guarantees that you will get a job after the training.  However,
there is a possibility of obtaining an interim from Bancova partner CROs.  
You might have competitive edge when you have been trained at Bancova when 
entry levels positions are open in pharmaceutical companies.

1) Master of Ph.D in statistics,maths,computer sciences,  biology (or any 
other life sciences) or other related fields.
2) 3 letters or recommendations from professors or previous bancova students.
3) training fees (to be decided)

apply by visiting: