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Extending OPT for the Talented People

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Re: Extending OPT for the Talented People
by John Zhang - Tuesday, 10 November 2015, 6:41 PM

My comments:

As a biostatistician, I know how important it is to have those young statisticians help us in handling clinical trial data.  In the group I once supervised, there were 5 statisticians; 3 of them needs PTO extension.  That means, if we don't give them the extension, all 3 will be gone.  One person is in charge of 10 clinical trials, that means, 30 clinical trials will be left unattended by non statisticians.  This is only in one middle sized company.  Remember, many of our loved ones might be waiting for a new drug to come to the market so that their lives might be saved!  To drive these 3 young biostaticians away mean to destroy your hope, your friends' hope, and the country's hope to save lives!  Lives of thousands of population!  As a US citizen, I wholeheartedly call to let these young people stay when we need them and when our loved ones need them!