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How to make Power Point Presentation using SAS?

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How to make Power Point Presentation using SAS?
by John Zhang - Monday, 9 November 2015, 8:04 PM

1) using vba code in SAS

"we run scripts to mimic the manual process. For example, we want to insert figures into PowerPoint slide. The first thing we do is open up PowerPoint application, then click “create new presentation”, then select “blank presentation”, then we go to “Insert” -> “Picture” -> “From file” and select the figure file we need to insert. When we write a script, we basically try to put together some codes, so that each line corresponds to one of the steps we do manually."

2) using Java objects
SAS® Flirts Java: Power Point Creation

3) tagsets for 9.4
using tagsets for 9.4 to create powerpoint:

4) using DDE - remember the following papers claim that you can use DDE to output SAS outputs into powerpoint, but when you try the code, they won't work.
A Matter of Presentation: Generating PowerPoint Slides from
Base® SAS using Dynamic Data Exchange

The following paper explains the key concept- X4ML

how resolve the dde session not ready issue: