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This course is to train SAS programmers/biostatisticians with basic knowledge and skills used in the pharmaceutical industry: the sop, the sap, CRF, validation on the infrastructure level; the TLFs programming on the SAS level, and CDISC standards on the CDISC front.

SAS professional training

The goal for this course is to prepare a SAS programmer with all knowledge, skills, and tools (SAS macros and other software) that are required in SDTM mapping. Upon the completion of the course, the programmer is ready to 1) answer most questions a SDTM project might generate; 2) ready to work in a pharmaceutical company on SDTM mapping project.

experiences from professionals - stories that you might need to learn.

Teach ou how to program in R in a professional way, preparing you for the jobs in the banking, insurances, marketing research, and pharmaceutical industry.  Reuired: majors in statistics or heavily trained in statistics.  SAS is preferred, not required.

Design of Clinical Trials, Sample Size Calculations, Randomization Planning, Statistical Analysis Plan, TLF Specifications, Performing statistical Analysis using SAS and R, Study of  FDA Regulations, and FDA statistical Reviews